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Safar has been detained by the Home Office who plan to return him to Afghanistan on the 24 March 2009. He was in Manchester airport yesterday and he has been moved to Birmingham. He plans to appeal this decision as believes he will be in danger in his home country. The petition will be soon available to all, print and then send it to the address on the petition. Keep in touch

Mike Thomson from BBC 4, Congo the untold truth

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Mike ThomsonMike Thomson worked in national radio, television and newspapers. He presented the Breakfast show on the former Radio 5, worked as a reporter for Sky News and World Service Television and wrote regularly for The Daily Mail, The Independent and The Observer. Mike joined Today in the mid 1990's as a reporter and covered stories across the globe.

On June the 7th 2007, Mike was the main guest speaker at a seminar on Congo by Tresor Bukasa, Elvis Katoto and Teesside University law department. This is the first part of his view on the subject "Congo the Untold Truth" recorded and edited by Elvis, interviewed by Tresor.

Born In Detention

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An innocent women from Uganda on her way to Canada, arrested at Heathrow Airport in London.

from Detention to prison without charge, she give birth...

Boro is

Posted in DefaultTag by elviskat on November 23rd, 2007

Researchers from Channel 4 show Location, Location, Location gave Middlesbrough the undesirable title thanks to high crime levels, severe drug and health problems, and poor education results.

I went to speak to people on this matter. Vox Pop exercise from my Introduction to Radio production Module. Week 2  

Congo Short Story

Posted in Society by elviskat on September 6th, 2007

Tresor Bukasa originaly from the DR Congo, living in the UK, back in the Congo, he faced strangers stories, today he talk to elvis katoto about it.

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